• Meg Campbell

To My Relatives Who Voted Tory

This year has allowed me to see how you really feel about things that matter.

I've watched you on Facebook saying All Lives Matter.

I've watched you share racist propaganda and then felt the pain as you attacked me when I asked why you would do that.

I've watched you be shamelessly transphobic and homophobic, despite having LGBT+ relatives, including myself.

I've watched you as you've went to the pub without masks, doing your "patriotic duty" of getting pissed. Apparently that's acceptable, but standing on the street wearing a mask asking for black people to have basic human dignity and rights is not.

I have see you use the n word, as you mocked me for pointing out your racism.

I have watched you moan about your children being home, despite having several examples of what your children could face if they go back into unsafe schools and facing Long Covid, chronic illness, and disability in your family.

I've watched you laugh and mock me for talking about my disability.

I've seen your posts trying to invalidate my condition, without giving me a second thought.

I've seen you post statements and memes against "benefit scroungers" despite you having several family members living in poverty because of Tory policies, who have spoken to you about how humiliating and dehumanising the process of getting help is.

In hindsight, I shouldn't be surprised. I shouldn't be so hurt or angry. I should have been prepared.

I told you about my experience as a disabled person in Tory Britain.

I told you about how they have directly hurt me, to the point where I truly wanted to take my own life.

I told you how multiple others in our family face similar situations to me, and how your words and your actions hurt those you claim to love.

I have tried, and tried, and tried again to explain to you how you're hurting your family.

You don't care. I know that. I've watched you preach how "blood is thicker than water" and how loyalty should be to family first, while you've actively voted to hurt me.

So don't be surprised if I unfriend you on Facebook.

Don't be surprised if I send back your Christmas cards and gifts.

Don't be surprised if you get nothing from me, no help when you need it. You lost that privilege when you voted against me having basic human dignity.

Don't be surprised if you're not invited to my graduation, wedding, or any other important moment in my life. You lost that privilege as well.

Everything I achieve and have achieved, every moment I survive, is despite you actively voting to support the people trying to make myself and people like me the next victim of Tory austerity and discrimination.

You're no longer my family.

"The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb" and I'm happy with the covenant I have with people who would never betray me the way you have.

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